About Us

The creation of Ridebliss was inspired by traffic congestion in Lagos city, Nigeria. Traffic congestion is a pain to everyday commute and has huge negative personal, econmomic and environmental impact.

That is why we built Ridebliss to help reduce the pain. We live where you live, so we know how it feels to be caught up in traffic.

Ridebliss is a trusted and safe community where amazing people meet, arrange and share friendly rides to destinations across Nigeria.

Our goal at Ridebliss.com is to make your daily commute faster and even more fun through our ride sharing service. We are helping to decongest the traffic, reduce your travel time and promote a greener environment.

As you are busy making your dreams happen, nothing should stop you, not even traffic congestion. We hope you will gain some travel time by using our service. Join us!

Chuks Ndubueze is the co-founder of Ridebliss.com.

Life is blissful again :-)

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