Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ridebliss? is a trusted and safe online social ride sharing community in Nigeria. It's a modern way for friends and colleagues to offer vehicle lifts, arrange and meetup for a ride through an internet portal. It's built on the idea that through collaborative consumption, our road journeys can be faster and even more fun. Members can offer rides to others for free or for a monetary contribution. We hope this service can help reduce traffic congestion in major cities as well as promote sustainable transportation.

Who can use Ridebliss?

Anyone can be a member of Ridebliss, as long as you share the same common objective of trusted sharing. To maintain trust and safety, membership is currently by invitation.

What is the membership process like?

Membership is free. In order to maintain trust, new members go through a basic verification process via email communications. However, we do not ask for your personal and private information, such as your bank details. To post your ride or request for a ride, you will need to be confirmed member.

Is it safe to use Ridebliss ?

Yes. The website has been built from the ground up with trust and safety in mind. Please see next question.

What if I enter 'One Chance ' ?

We think it is practically impossible to be a victim of 'one chance' through This online service is created purely for good intentions only.

For the uninitiated, 'one chance' is a local Nigerian slogan used to describe a situation where an unknown driver picks up an innocent passenger on the road solely for negative intentions, without any trackable information.

Aware of this, Ridebliss team has put in place a couple of preventive security measures: 1. New members go through a basic verification process before membership is confirmed. 2. Every ride sharing journey is recorded, so for your security the system knows which member driver is offering a ride to another member passenger. 3. Driver and passengers can build a rapport through our secured in-built messaging platform. Please learn more about our

Is Ridebliss free?

Yes. The service is free to use. However, if a driver request for monetary contribution for his/her ride, you would need to make the payment to the driver on completion of your journey.

Who can offer a lift?

Only confirmed driver members can ride share or offer a lift to other confirmed members who want to ride for free of for a token monetary contribution. You can offer your ride share using link above.

Who can request for a lift?

Again, only confirmed passenger members can request for a lift or ride share with other confirmed members who are offering free seats on their vehicle. You can search for available now.

Does Ridebliss accept payments?

No. We do not process any payment transaction, and so do not ask for your bank or card details. Payments are arranged between members - drivers and passengers

How much should I charge as a driver?

As you are not a commercial driver, we recommend you charge a contribution fee that is considerate. This should be usually much lower than the commercial rate. The main idea is to collectively reduce traffic congestion.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. We will never share information we hold about you to other members or third parties. This service is managed by credible individuals who respect your privacy and value your trust.

What happens if the driver cancels his/her journey?

Member drivers are free to cancel their journey. However, we encourage them to notify their confirmed passengers of such cancellations. Ridebliss is not responsible for any disappointments.

What happens if the passenger cancels his/her request?

Member passengers are free to cancel their ride request. However, we encourage them to notify their driver of such cancellations. Again, Ridebliss is not responsible for any disappointments.

Does Ridebliss provide any Insurance cover?

No. We are afraid we do not offer any form of vehicle or personal insurance at the moment. This platform simply makes it easy for you to arrange, meet up and ride share with trusted people.

As Ridebliss is free, how do you make money?

Ridebliss is a social enterprise, created for the sole purpose to encourage internet-enabled sustainable transportation in Nigeria in order to reduce traffic congestion and maximize our journey time. Making profit is not our topmost priority. We are self-funded, however donations are kindly welcome ;-)