Trust and Safety is a trusted and safe ride sharing community of friends and colleagues that enjoy commuting together to work, events etc. Ride sharing helps reduce traffic congestion and promotes sustainable transportation. However, we are not oblivious of the challenges that come with this lofty mission.

We believe that trust is social capital that's why Ridebliss was built from the ground up with your privacy and safety in mind. Our processes have been developed with that thinking.

Safety Measures We Have Taken

Here are some safety measures we have taken at our end:

Safety Measures for Members - Drivers

As a private driver offering seats on your car via, please be mindful of the following:

Safety Measures for Members - Passengers

As a passenger requesting to share ride with other members via, please be mindful of the following:

For further enquiries about our trust and safety, please .

Flagging Abuse

We have zero-tolerance for abuse of other members privacy, rights and safety. Members are highly encouraged to report such unlawful incidents regarding abuse of human right and criminality. We shall investigate from our end and then forward same to relevant authorities.

Please straight away for any such unhappy experiences through this service.

However, whilst we make every effort to ensure your happy experience through our service, we are unable to guarantee the protection of the information from misuse, accidental disclosure or unauthorised acts by yourself or others.