Why Use Ridebliss

Ridebliss is a social ride sharing service that makes it easy for you to commute faster with trusted friends and colleagues across Nigeria. Whether you are on a daily commute for work, business or weekend fun you will find amazing people like yourself to ride with.

Here are reasons we think you should join Ridebliss.com.

Faster journeys

With Ridebliss you enjoy faster journeys as it enables us to utilize the empty seats in our cars, leading to a reduction in the number of cars on the road. Your daily commute becomes quicker and great things can then happen faster.

A trusted community

Ridebliss is a trusted community of friends and colleagues sharing rides together to make everyday journeys faster, better and cheaper. Members are responsible people. Newly registered users are verified before membership is approved.

Earn extra money

As a private driver on Ridebliss community, you may choose to request and accept monetary contributions from your passengers which you can use for car refilling or toll gate ticket. Every little helps you know.

Environmentally friendly

Lesser vehicles on the roads means lesser CO2 emissions, cleaner environment and fresher air to breathe. Using Ridebliss could be your noble contribution to a greener earth. Even mother nature loves Ridebliss.

More Convenience

Ridebliss offers you a convenient and friendly way to arrange ride sharing with friends and colleagues. From your mobile phone or tablet, you can post and share rides with other members travelling to similar destinations, for a relatively lesser amount.

Affordable travel

Our service offers an affordable low cost travel option. As a passenger, you can contribute towards the ride sharing travel cost at a relatively lower fare compared to public transport.

Make new connections

Ridebliss is more than just ride sharing, it's a beautiful community of amazing people. Enhance your social connections through our service as you meet and commute with other members to various destinations.

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